Honour of "Star on The Merit of Work"
Working with passion, seriousness, diligence and fidelity: here are the qualities to deserve the title of "Master of Work".
The first of May 2017, during "Labour Day" celebration, at the Toniolo theatre in Mestre (VE), our Production Manager Mr. Carlo Pasini, after forty years of work in Roll-Ven, was awarded with the honour of "Star on the merit of Work", together with other 81 decorated people in the Veneto Italian region.
Collaboration with the italian secondary school "Liceo Scientifico Statale Leonardo da Vinci" in Treviso
Roll-Ven, always interested in the new generations, has financed and collaborated to an experiment conceived and realized by pupils of a third class of a secondary school of Treviso.
The experiment, entirely conceived by the pupils, was presented during the annual exhibition “Experiment for Thinking” and it was composed of a mechanical model able to draw the graph of a sinusoid curve.
Thirty years of work and loyalty to ROLL-VEN
During the annual celebrating company dinner of Roll-Ven, this year, four employees celebrated the thirtieth anniversary in the company.
During all these years, they have always demonstrated their value and provide their contribution to the growth of the company: Roll-Ven has the pleasure to reward and thank all of them.
ROLLVEN has always paid attention to the social matters related to its local territory and to the people that deal with laudable initiatives.
For this reason ROLLVEN belives that is important to support ADVAR http://www.advar.it, an ONLUS that is working for many years in taking care of terminally-ill patients and helping their relatives in these hard situations.
In particular ROLLVEN has joined to the initiative http://adottaunalbero.advar.it in order to contribute to the fullfillment of the new garden in the hospice “Casa dei Gelsi”.
E' online il nuovo sito di ROLL-VEN
Roll-ven comunica che sono online i nuovi siti web, riprogettati anche per la consultazione sui più recenti dispositivi mobili.
Visitatelo per conoscere meglio l'azienda ed i relativi prodotti e servizi offerti.
Completamente “responsive and mobile ready”, il nuovo sito assicura una facilità di consultazione ancora maggiore e rispondente alle esigenze dei visitatori in movimento.
MAY 2015
Quality and Safety Integrated System
Roll Ven SpA works with a Quality and Safety Integrated System, respecting the UNI EN ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 rules.

The integrated management of risk, with particular regard to environment and safety, is always been a part of the Company Policy, that consider this this approach an innovative and strategic way to be more competitive.

The development of the system for the quality management, the following integration with the management of risk, the enforcement othe the Lean production systems have brought the Company to a better and efficiency control on the manufacturing process and on the management of the unexpected situations.

Roll-ven is always aware of the effectiveness of this kind of system approach, and sustained by UNINDUSTRIA SERVIZI & FORMAZIONE TREVISO PORDENONE SCARL, has started the “TECHNOLOGY MADE IN GREEN AND ENVIRONMENT CERTIFICATION IN THE PROCESSING TECHNIQUES OF ROLL-VEN SPA” and by means of it roll-ven will coach and develop its employees to the subject area of waste treatment, decrease of the energy consumption and decrease of products danger.

The project is financed by the Social European Fund and is a part of POR FSE Veneto Region 2014/2020 Asse I – Employment – MORE EXPERT MORE COMPETITIVE DGR Venento n. 785 of 14/05/2015.
General catalogue 2015: third edition
It’s ready the Third Edition of the roll-ven General Catalogue. The new 2015 reprinted edition contains the last updated data and the last news of the products.
APRIL 2014
roll-ven East-Europe is born
CLOSER AND CLOSER TO OUR CUSTOMERS: Roll-Ven has opened a new geographically strategic office in Jihlava (Czech Republic); it will be also a reference for the neighboring countries like Slovakia and Poland. See more details in the CONTACT page.
JUNE 2013
Společnost Roll-ven a její lidské zdroje
Zaměstnanci společnosti Roll-ven oslavili 40. výročí firmy návštěvou Ferrariho muzea v Maranellu.

Na takových místech se snoubí minulost, přítomnost a budoucnost při vytváření legendární italské společnosti.

MARCH 2013
Společnost Roll-ven otevřela nový sklad

Firma Roll-ven v poslední době dokončila a zprovoznila novou moderní a komfortní průmyslovou budovu postavenou podle nejnovějších závazných specifikací.

Budova je používána jako sklad dílů a je vybavena jídelnou a šatnami.

Toto je jeden z našich vnitřních cílů: Pečlivé řízení a organizace firemních zdrojů.

Nový váleček Kappa
The KAPPA roller has been developed by Roll-Ven throught 40 years of experience in making conveyer belts, combing the proven characteristics of robustness and reliability with simple construction
Články Roll-ven o „Dossier Veneto“ v příloze novin Giornale
Nonostante la crisi del mercato nazionale, ROLLVEN è riuscita a incrementare il fatturato. Tuttavia secondo Franco Benvenuti è indispensabile guardare all'estero
Články Roll-ven o „Dossier Veneto“ v příloze novin Giornale (2013)
La metalmeccanica guarda all’estero.
I paesi in via di sviluppo rappresentano un bacino di grande interesse per il settore trasporto e movimentazione materiali, che cerca di farsi strada al di fuori dei confini nazionali attraverso le innovazioni tecnologiche. Ne parliamo meglio con Franco Benvenuti
JULY 2012
Společnost Roll-ven: monografie
Rollers and components for transport conveyors are Roll-Ven’s "core" production. Roll-Ven located in Villorba Treviso, in north east Italy, was established in 1973, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of some partners with experience in mechanical engineering.